As well as the Arboretum and the relatively new woodland glades, Abbeywood has three large areas of mature woodland, covering an area of approximately ten acres. Much work has been done in recent years to manage these areas including the thinning and replanting of trees to help continue their long term future to the benefit of wildlife and visitors.


Incorporating Abbeywood’s existing woodland and also the recently planted woodland glades, the walk takes you around the outskirts of the grounds, where you will hopefully see some of our wildlife, such as Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Woodpeckers, Kestrels, Dragonflies and lots of Squirrels and Rabbits!

The walk has also been enhanced with the planting of rare and unusual trees and shrubs as well as beautiful carvings by the very talented wood carver, Tim Burgess. It is hoped to use this walk as a nature trail and also for Treasure Hunts, which we hope will appeal to children in particular, where they can have fun and also see some of the nature that inhabits Abbeywood.