Autumn Dahlias at Abbeywood

Giving a last hurrah in the Exotic garden, the Dahlias are very close to being brought in for the Winter. Each year they are carefully lifted cut back and tidied, then placed in wooden crates with woodchip to keep them cool and dry.

Autumn in the Gardens

This is a wonderful time to take a stroll around the estate. Trees and shrubs are starting to give off those amazing vibrant colours, amongst our favourites are Acers, Liquidambers and Oaks. A large array of different fungi can also be seen. In the borders grasses such as Miscanthus and Stipa are giving an impressive display.

Review – A Snowdrop Open Day

Sparkling winter sunshine and snowdrops were very much the order of the day when we visited Abbeywood Gardens, in Cheshire yesterday morning. I penned the date in my diary as soon as I read that the gardens were holding their first snowdrop open day. Snowdrop events always seem to be hundreds of miles away adrift in the south and here was one almost on my doorstep! As well as a woodland area studded with these beauties,

Tulips at Abbeywood gardens

Every year we look forward to a stunning display of Tulips in the Main gardens usually in May. However this year with the particularly mild winter we have had they have decided to put on there show early, almost 6 weeks early! The Pool Garden is looking colourful now as I write this on April 1st. How will this this effect the rest of the season we can but wait and see.

Fennel and Fern Review

The gardens at Abbeywood in Cheshire have been around since the Edwardian era, but were extensively designed in 2003 on the advice of designer and writer David Stevens. Here’s a snappy tour of the gardens.

Glasshouse borders

These are planted in a naturalistic style with Narcissus, Tulips, Alliums and Camassia beginning the season, followed by perennials, including Nepeta, Hemerocallis ‘Corky’, Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’, Knautia macedonica and Veronicastrum, interspersed with Miscanthus sinensis ‘Silberspinne’.

Winter Fragrance

Lonicera x purpusii  ‘Winter Beauty’ sends the most wonderful fragrance across the garden on a warm Winters day.  Semi-evergreen, easy to grow and reaching about 8ft in height. It can be trimmed to be kept in a nice shape. From a distance though it looks nondescript, but on closer inspection small clusters of flowers are borne from December to March. And these are the reason I grow it in my woodland garden, the scent is amazing.