Creation Of A Woodland Garden

In 2000 on the east side of the house at Abbeywood, I decided that I wanted to create a woodland garden. With my husband we went into this area of unloved woodland to see what it would entail. There were a number of mature pine trees, 1 purple beech, a selection of Oaks of differing sizes and shapes, holly bushes and mountain ash. On the floor there was a carpet of Ivy, brambles and bracken.

Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire – Redwoods – Sequoia sempervirens

Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire – Redwoods – Sequoia sempervirens

David Rowlinson 22/12/2011

Sequoia sempervirens

Common Names:

Coastal Redwood, California Redwood

Coastal Redwoods once used to be found across the Northern Hemisphere but now they only exist along a narrow 500 mile strip along the coast of northern California and southern Oregon.

In 2006, a Coastal Redwood measuring 115m (379ft) was discovered in Redwood National Park in California.

Abbeywood Gardens artwork

This is our amazing piece of artwork done by the children from Haveley Hey Primary school, Wythenshawe, Manchester. The children visited the garden in the summer and picked a part of the garden that they thought stood out to them. In our case it was one of our pots full of flowers. Children from other schools have also been to the other 30 Cheshire Gardens of Distinction and produced a piece of art for each of them.

First Winter Hellebore

A beautiful white Hellebore just starting to flower. I try every year to cut the old leaves off my plants before Christmas, that way I can see the flowers better. I also never put Hellebore leaves on the compost heap, they always go in the recycling bin. This is to prevent black spot off the leaves being spread back round the garden in our mulch.

Cyclamen coum

Today was the first day when it really did feel as though Winter is on it’s way. Cold, wet, windy and dark! One thing that keeps my spirits up is finding little gems like this Cyclamen coum flowering in my garden. Easy in free draining dry soil once settled they start to seed around. They range in colour from white to dark pink, and have some amazing leaf variations. They make me feel as those Spring is not that far away!

Giant Redwood at Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire

Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire – Redwoods – Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum
Common names – Giant Redwood, Big Tree, Sierra-redwood, Wellingtonia

My interest in trees first took hold in 1998 when I started to collect them, after my wife purchased my first Monkey Puzzle Tree. The planting of trees in the Arboretum began in 1999, with one of the first trees planted being a Giant Redwood. Since then the collection has expanded to the point where there are currently over 50 Sequoiadendron planted at Abbeywood,

Pinus wallichiana

I have never been a huge fan of conifers, usually the word conjures up the image of leylandii. However since David started collecting them in his Arboretum he has opened my eyes to some beautiful, graceful, elegant worthwhile conifers. Here is one that resides in my garden Pinus wallichiana, turning that fantastic silver/blue winter colour.

Caterpillars in November

Whilst out in the vegetable garden last week Simon our invaluable gardener, noticed that there where caterpillars nibbling on the cabbages. Normally he said they have gone by September, but with the unusually mild weather and the fact we have only had one frost so far, they have kept on going. They didn’t seem to be on the very purple cabbages that we have out there, or perhaps they saw me coming!

Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire

Welcome to our new Abbeywood gardens blog.

You will often find me here posting pictures and updates on all things new at Abbeywood Gardens Cheshire. The Autumn colour this year has been fantastic, particulary the berries on the hollies around the estate. We have also had bumper harvests of acorns, cobnuts and sweet chestnuts. We have yet to have a proper frost yet, so the colour in the gardens has lasted for far longer than the past couple of years.